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Methadone (MTD)

What is Methadone?

Methadone, also known as dolphine, is a narcotic pain reliever. It is also used in the treatment of heroin and opiate dependence.

These two issues surrounding methadone use have created problems. Several years ago methadone became and alternative form of heroin treatment and recovery.

A program known as methadone maintenance was intended to be a viable alternative to heroin recovery. Methadone maintenance clinics are available for drug addicts as an alternative form of detox and treatment. Methadone maintenance is a method whereby a person dependent on heroin or some other opiate can conceivably withdraw gradually and more comfortably. It was hypothesized that methadone maintenance was a good alternative form as opposed to heroin addiction and recovery. In some cases, this has been done successfully. In other cases, the person has become overly tolerant and utterly dependent upon methadone and in essence, traded one addiction for another.

Some people have become very addicted to methadone, either as a pain reliever or by participating in the methadone maintenance program. In any case, they are faced with how to detoxify. Most detox facilities will not accept patients who are on more than a minimal daily dosage of methadone. It has also been determined that the after effects of methadone dependence are more severe than from other forms of drug dependence.

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