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Employee Profile

Drugs don’t decide, You make the call


Orode (Omoro) Ewharekuko
Director of Operation
Service Assessment Manager

I am currently the Director of Operations at D-TAP the Drug Test Awareness Program. I am Certified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Small Disadvantage Business.

I have demonstrated throughout my career success as an Assistant Manager for Walgreen’s and my past experience as a Supervisor at Scholastic Inc. which gave me vast knowledge of operations and customer service skills. My accomplishments have included the following: Ability to Develop, Plan, organize, coordinates, and assure overall activities of programs and projects. In addition, Initiate and implement plans and strategies to achieve goals. Assist in the hiring and recruiting process for orientation for newly hired associates, including introduction of a mentor to act “buddy” through 90-day orientation period. Coach and mentor team members by establishing expectations, tracking results, showing enthusiasm and sharing vision.

My past working experience alongside partnering with Drug Test Consultant (DTC), illustrate over 20 years of experience in the Drug & Alcohol and Background Screening, Customer Satisfaction and the ability to create a team atmosphere that delight every customer/Client. I believe leadership starts with accountability; my performance and consistency will determine my success. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to discuss your goals and ways in which I might help DAM achieve and exceed them. Thank you for considering my qualifications and I look forward to discussing the opportunity with you soon.


Clarissa Kosmak
Service Assessment Assistant

I am currently the Service Assessment Assistant for D-TAP; which gave me a vast knowledge in preparing detailed report, client files, written report, etc.; documents all information obtained for a perspective client. In addition, receive and prepare reports, bulletins, correspondence, forms and other documentation, review, process, and or maintain files and logs as needed. I also provide Operations/Technical Support; perform specialized, technical work functions associated with being a Background Screening Specialist. My past experience along with Drug Test Consultant DTC, provide me with over 14 years of working experience in the Drug & Alcohol and Background Screening Industry. In addition to this I also own a music studio (of 12 years) where I teach private piano and clarinet lessons to children and adults. I have multiple skills including leadership, business, and public relations from working in various organizations including the Columbia Civic Orchestra, public school music programs, community dance programs, the Salvation Army, Girl Scouts of America, Sigma Alpha Iota, various churches, and other organizations.

 Amelia Lewis
Administrator Coordinator

I am currently a graduating college student pursuing my dreams in the working industry. I am interested in the Human Services and Education fields as I am passionate about helping people and enjoy learning and teaching new things. I will be pursuing a Master’s Degree in Social Work and Education. I have work experience working in non-profit organizations, daycare facilities and retail which has development my desire to influence lives and work in an environment where I know I can make a difference. I have over 3 years in the administration field and providing excellent customer service to all facts of life; Working at D-TAP alongside Drug Test Consultant DTC provide me with vast knowledge as an Administrator Coordinator in the Health and Safety Consulting field with over 13 years of combined experience; which has really complemented my interests as well as working with people on a day to day basis, help them to find the resources they are looking for, and have the opportunity to be involved within the community. There is nothing more I want to do than to help make life a little easier for others and help people to embrace and conquer their struggles.

Eriyoma Ewharekuko

Assessment Representative and Quality Insurance Coordinator

I will be graduating 2015 from the University of Missouri; Columbia with a degree in Psychology and a minor in social justice. I will be pursuing a Master’s Degree in Social Work and Child Welfare. I have always been passionate about people. D-TAP allowed me to truly work with a variety of people, while building an understanding of procedure, rules, and regulation. D-TAP trained me to pay fine attentions to detail and practice until final execution. I have trained new employees on procedure and all the functions of the program. I manage office operations to connect with potentials clients and showcase our services. With D-TAP I have been able to gathered data and build knowledge on Drugs and Alcohol Abuse in the Workplace, School, Organizational and Institutions. D-TAP partnering with DTC gave me a better understanding of how Alcohol and Drug Abuse Hurts Everyone in the Family, not just in the workplace. With D-TAP I am building significant skills and providing a meaningful service.