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Consulting and Training Education

Training and education are essential, and in most cases, mandatory by regulation for DOT and Drug Free Workplace Programs. It is crucial for employees to recognize the benefits and procedures of the program, as well as their privileges and responsibilities. Employee training, both online and in person, provides an actual understanding of your company’s drug and alcohol policy. D-TAP training programs educate on the special effects of drug and alcohol, the consequences of violating the company policy, and ensuing treatment options.

Supervisor Training allows managers and supervisors to maintain safety and efficiency on the job. Training class meets Federal DOT requirements, and is suitable for any business desiring to train key staffs in reasonable suspicion testing.  Supervisor Training Class for drug and alcohol deals with the recognition, conflict and documentation involved if an employee reveals characteristics of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol while at work.

Views On:

  • Company Policy Review
  • CDL Driver Training (CFR 382.601)
  • Supervisor Recognition Training (CFR 382.603)
  • Pipeline Employee Training (CFR 199)
  • Collector Training (CFR Part 40)

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