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Chain of Custody Form (CCFs)

D-TAP The-Drug Test Awareness-Program, is a Drug and Alcohol Testing and Background Screening Assessment firm.  We offer independent companies fast, low-cost, and comprehensive criminal background screening, as well as the most accurate and cost effective drug test available. Partners with D-TAP eliminate the effects of drugs and alcohol in the Workplace, Home, Schools and Government Agencies. We have over 10 years of Drug & Alcohol Testing and Background Screening experience and over 10,000 testing laboratories locations across the United State. Here at D-TAP our drug test program will protect your business bottom line. We able to

Extraordinary Customer Experience: We test for multiple drugs to ensure that our valued client’s testing programs operates at the highest standard. We follow all proper protocol & adapt to client’s needs. We work hard to build a long lasting relationship with every client & secure our commitment to you and our community. Alcohol and drug abuse affects everyone in the family.

Over 10 years of Drug & Alcohol Testing and Background Screening Experience;

We are working with Burris computer forms to provide the below service and extraordinary customer care; Burris definition of ccfs, preview of ccfs (front & back) and data needed to customize ccfs forms all listed below:

Sample Custody and Control Form

Definition of a Chain of Custody:

A chain of custody form is a multi-part document used to provide evidence of proper specimen handling during the drug testing process.  Originally required only by the federal government, the Federal Workplace Drug Testing Program is now commonplace in the private sector as well.  Every treatment center, counseling service, and medical facility that performs a specimen collection should initiate a chain of custody form for each individual sample.

Our multi-part form provides unique specimen identification that is used to document the proper handling from point of collection to reporting of lab results.  In the event that lab results are challenged, a chain of custody form can prove the specimen was handled according to the federally mandated chain of custody and control procedures.  Each of our forms includes two specimen labels, numbered and barcoded to match the form itself.  These labels provide secure identification of the specimen, a tamper-resistant seal for the container, and insure that specimen results are traced back to the appropriate donor.

Chain of Custody format: 

  • OMB No. 0930-0158
  • Continuous – 9.5 ” x 11″ (8.5 ” x 11″ after detaching)
  • 5 Part set
    • Copy 1 Test Facility copy
    • Copy 2 Medical Review Officer copy
    • Copy 3 Collector copy
    • Copy 4 Employer copy
    • Copy 5 Donor copy
  • 2 Built-in Specimen Labels on Copy 1
  • Form sets have Specimen ID Numbers
  • Each form set has its own Specimen ID Number
  • Same Specimen Number is Bar Coded and Arabic-numbered on each of the two built-in Specimen Labels (A and B)
  • Built-in Specimen Labels (A and B) are to be affixed as specimen bottle seals.

Carbonless Transfer – computer printing, and hand-writing, appear on all parts

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