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DNA Special Specimen Testing Fee (per specimen)

DNA Sample Colection Kit

Special Specimen fee for analysis non-standard specimens.
Available ONLY as an add-on to our DNA tests.

Please note: For the Special Specimen tests, a non-refundable fee is charged to determine whether the specimen is viable for the requested DNA test. If NOT viable, the fee for the requested test will NOT be charged. If viable, the requested test will be conducted and the appropriate fee charged.

Select the type of specimen to be tested and add to your cart. Then add the DNA test desired.

Turnaround Times:

Group A:  2-4 Weeks
(bone or tooth samples)

Group B:  2-3 Weeks
(body fluids/stains on clothing, cigarette butts, formalin-fixed paraffin, hair shaft, licked envelope/stamp/object, embedded tissue)

Group C: 2-3 weeks
(amniotic fluid, CVS sample, chewing gum, hair with roots)

Price: from $200.00