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Supervisor Training

Supervisor Training

The dynamics to build a successful supervisor training are full of challenges that range from poor communication, lack of interest and motivation to accomplish company goals.  D-TAP can help you overcome these challenges to create high performing teams. D-TAP effective supervisors training is a critical because they are responsible for observing, reporting and initiating reasonable suspicion of drug and alcohol testing. Supervisors will be trained with applicable information about your company drug free workplace policy and their role in its execution.


Our supervisor training includes:

D-TAP Training will be used by the Supervisor to determine if Reasonable Suspicion exists to require a Driver to undergo testing under 382.307

Training Includes Physical, Behavioral, Speech and Performance Indicators of Probable Alcohol Misuse and use of Controlled Substances

Supervisor and/or Employee Training is Provided at the employers on-site location, CD-ROM Video or through Online Point-and-Click Presentations.

Ways to Recognize Changes in Patterns of Behavior and other Markers

Ways to Properly Document Incidents and Behavior to avoid conflicts

Ways to Determine the Next Course of Action

Training is completely at the paced of the supervisor and Hassle-Free

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