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Drug and Alcohol abuse affects everyone in the family. I wish we all lived in a perfect world where eliciting illegal drugs and alcohol was a thing of the past. This is a topic that is really sensitive and can make a big difference in our community. The story behind D-TAP TheDrugTestAwareness-Program, like many others started with a loss.  We all have lost or have friends, relatives and family members that are dealing with the challenges of drug and alcohol effects. As a member of D-TAP TheDrugTestAwareness-Program, I lost my friend to drug and alcohol addiction. I saw my friend almost every other day; however, even I failed to notice how bad things got with him until it was too late. I regret not having the resources I needed to help him. My friend had used and abused drugs and alcohol in the workplace and also in his personal life for years; however, the employers did not have Drug Free Workplace Testing Program.

Employers with a Drug Free Workplace Testing Program creates a safe working experience for their employees which leads to a drug free environment. The cost for an Employer to implement such program, will save an employer an average of $11,000.00 per year per abuser. It takes 2 years or longer for parents to find out if their child is abusing drugs and alcohol and at that point it’s a great challenge to get them help. D-TAP will do its part to reduce the destructiveness of drug and alcohol abuse in our community. Losing a friend gave me a clear picture of the urgency to act now.

We also support United Service Organizations, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Mid-Missouri, Boys and Girls Club Youth Development Center, Susan G. Komen for the Cure and Jimmy V Foundations. Thank you 🙂

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“A safe working experience starts with a drug free environment”

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