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Our Mission

We at D-TAP … The Drug Test Awareness-Program and Assessment Firm believes “A Safe Working Experience Starts with A drug free environment”

D-TAP was established to maintain a companies’, like yours, integrity by working together for one common good by way of eliminating the effects of drugs and alcohol in the workplace.  Here at D-TAP our drug test program will protect your business bottom line;  coach and mentor your employees, build more productivity, and increase team moral and trust for employers and employees alike.

D-TAP believes having a drug free environment will lead to a safe working experience.  We want to protect our homes, workplace, and our schools  from drugs and alcohol abuse. We are driven to create a strong economic future for ourselves, our children, and community. We want to do our part to reduce the destructive effects of drug and alcohol in our society.

Customer Experience and Support

In laboratories such as Quest diagnostic, LabCorp, Omega, Redwood Toxicology Lab (RTL) and DNA Diagnostic Center (DDC). We test for multiple drugs to ensure that our valued client’s testing programs operates at the highest standard. We follow all proper protocol and adapt to client’s needs. Building a long lasting relationship with every client will secure our commitment to you and our community.

Our Valued Partners


“A safe working experience starts with a drug free environment”

Drugs don’t decide, You make the call